DocuVieware 3.0 provides support for PDF Form Fields. The fields are displayed, the user can interact with them and the content of the fields can be save to the PDF. Finally, the server side application read and writes the content of the fields.

This capability offers a convenient way for the user to interact with the information system:

DocuVieware 3.0 provides the possibility for the user to fill in the fields.

The data can be processed (populated or read) on the server side by the mean of GdPicture.NET 14.

In this demonstration we offer the possibility to fill in an invoice, you can type the invoice number, articles references and obviously quantities and unit price.

Once done, when you click on the calculation button, a custom action is triggered server side and the subtotal, VAT amount and total are computed and put back into the document for you to see the result.

For convenience, you might want to save or print the resulting document (to send the actual invoice to someone) and this is achieved with the save and print buttons.